Luis Fernando Panea Pizarro, better known as Luis Panea, was born in Badajoz (Western Spain) on the 30th of March of 1985.
               He grew up in a small town called “Fuente de Cantos” and from a young age Luis started taking vocal and instrumental coaching at the Municipal Music college.
                At 16 he participated in his first carnival aggrupation as compositor and director, developing his skills as an artist. Two years after Panea formed his first band called “Pintando Esperanzas”. At that point he started to be a part of the “Spanish music scene.”
                 After being the vocalist of the mentioned band, he formed another band called “Jovenes Flamencos”creating a fresher sound with flamenco fusions. Together they travelled around Spain sharing their lyrics and music with the public who loved their originality. Among some of the cities they performed are Seville and Cadiz, Spanish cities from where the best flamenco artists come from.
               He then left the band to form another called “A tu Aire” playing an important role as a guitarist, vocalist and compositor.
               In 2012 Luis wanted to improve his personal and professional life and decided to go to London in pursuit of his dream and become a ‘solo artist’. He still lives in London.
                In the eclectic city of London, Panea’s music has become very attractive for tourists from all over the world and he has been performing in all kind of events; bars, restaurants, private parties…and the public loves him!!!
               At the present time he is recording his first solo album with Jesus Morente in Oslo (Norway). The lyrics of the new album are full of passion with a Mediterranean aptitude and European influences.